Reviews for "The three bears"


lol time consuming and difficult... but fun none the less... the commentary was humorous and the silly music in the background was a nice touch.. lol


I win!


this is funny and charmning!

look. I didn't beat it yet, but i'll try many more times some other time.

This is so funny. I like how the bears complain when you eat their food.
And the music is peaceful while the atmosphere is vulgar, HAHHAAH.
And the speed saved my life once! HAHAH SO FUNNNNNNNYYYYY

Nice concept.

I got eaten, even though there was a table between us.

haha nice game

the way u use the story is good :), btw if u can make the dieing scence i will give you 10 :D, good game and a chanlenge one at that thanks for your work