Reviews for "The three bears"

This is a good game but...

The difficulty Is overwhelming And why do you slow down adn teh bears get faster once you get down to the last 2 bowls of poridge? At least have some Compassion

pedo bear strikes again

Very good work

Loved it.

The game was much harder than I was expecting it to be. The difficulty made the game a lot more fun. I loved how the pedo-bear was hiding under the bed in the sketch at the end. Also, the 'speed' boost was an interesting addition. Very good job sir!

Thumbs up

Of all the submissions I've seen in Game Jam 5, this has been the most entertaining and fun. But maybe I haven't tried them all yet. I thought it was really well done, especially within the time frame given good sir.

So anyways, I heard there's gonna be some Goldilochs and Pedobear action.
Bow chica

nice take on a classic

pedobear @ the end was funny :)

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Someone spotted him!

Good going sir! ;)