Reviews for "The three bears"


c'mon. i only stayed in the radius for 2 sec and i die. the bear didn't even catch me

Pretty Good

I, personally, enjoyed it. It was very enjoyable, but that little bear is to dam fast :D. Also some things I'd change: Instead of where if u stand to long in their radius they get u, make an alert bar where if u stand to long in their radius they will chase u until they lose sight, its almost the same, but would make it a tad bit less annoying. Also at the beginning when u first take a bite into the poridge the bear says "Bitch be eatin all our our poridge." poridge is said twice. still very fun game, good job on making it.

well done

Visually good, and set with a good increasing difficulty. A unique and enjoyable game. Great for game jam.

Go to sleep and you win

I can't wait for the sequel. The Three Bears 2: Wrath of the Pedobear

Wtf is this s***

I got bored in about... 5 seconds, the bears look like there on crack, they go at like 5 mph, and you walk (Yet alone, eat) at like 2 mph, also the graphics would be good, if the other things didnt go in with there crappyness, I only gave this one cause of the background. A huge Piece of s***.

1/10 Review Stars, 1/5 Vote Stars.