Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"

Great game.

I was impressed by this game. The gameplay itself is addicting and nostalgic like the games of yore. I was impressed visually, (it was pixels, but it was pixels in a modern way if that makes any sense), and I was impressed by the quality of the sound. A very arcade-ish game. Well done.


My score is 1604 and name is ZSS!

aw jeez

this game is so addicting and fun, yet simple with a great concept, Fucking LOVE it XD


I just wanted to say I've been playing this game everyday for the past week. (I'm still rubbish) It is one of the most addicting games I've played on this site. (And I don't really know why)

This game is simply amazing and even better, it's addicting! This is the type of Inde stuff I really like seeing. It's really smart to keep this version up too despite that the full version is out. I'm going to try and buy it soon!

Update: 1/6/2019

THE FULL VERSION IS GREAT and is one of my favorite Steam games. Very low resources required and can be played on even low end machines. Highly recomend. It's all this game is and more.