Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"


I don't know why this game is AWESOME...But IT IS!!!


I'm in the top 10. keep up the good work. this game is amazing and is really innovative.


This game is addicting, funny, visually stunning and has an awesome soundtrack *.*

awesome game!

I love this game, i have been playing this game over and over again and trying to beat my highscores.

to the previous poster, the pause button is the esc key.

pretty friggin' good,

this so far is my favoritiest game. i especially liked those skull blocks that came down with drills, and destroyed all the blocks in the row you were just in. they were infuriating, and killed me like 16 times, but they were my favorite. also, i learned to use the way the blocks fall to determine which ones i would spare, and which i would kill. this landed me a bnch of really long chains and i got so many points i filled every space under 3. =D i was playing as ZAA. in all seroiusness, this was a cool game idea. it was like bejeweled and some form of block destroying game combined. jus awesome.