Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"


Gameplay: 8/10
When I clicked play, I was surprised to see a little orange creature with a gun. I loved the concept, and it certainly adds innovation to puzzlers. The number of power-ups is certainly enough to keep the player entertained, and the differences between each is noticeable. With the welcoming difficulty, it kept me at edge to avoid damage. As time goes on, obstacles are hurled at the player, and a couple varieties of hazards. My only tripe was the decision to put the action button on the left hand. It would be much better if it were assigned to the right hand while the movement was to the left hand.

Music: 6/10
The music was pleasant enough. At first, I was pleased with the song. However, after a while, it soon became repetitive. The loop is also noticeable, but that shouldn't be a horrible thing.

Art: 8/10
One word to accurately describe the art: smooth. The jumping animation is wonderful, although the gun should move as well. The blocks are animated well, and are remarkable. Although there is not much variety, you can tell there was effort put into this.

Retro Gaming

This game is generally, quite good, despite the fact that I suck at it. It's controls are tight and the mechanics are pretty focused. You can tell he spent a good amount of time working on it. The cap is a nice touch too.

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You're on newgrounds, which automatically makes your silly comment of "advertising is easily the worst thing in media" pretty moot, it's also not an ad, but the loading screen. It just happens to feature his sponsor/publisher. Quite a difference. Lastly, there is no skip ad button. Stop trolling and giving bad reviews for no reason.

Great game!

A nice tribute to tetris. Great concept for gameplay and very addicting. Well worth the Daily 3rd place prize!

cool game, but needs double jumping!

I like these types of games that sort of have cubes in them. 3.5 stars 4 u!