Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"

A great game. Hands down.

The concept and controls are so simple, yet it's so fun! Excellent spriting, by the way! This game is going straight to my Favorites.


amazing game pure awesomeness but could u add more stuff like diff chars,diff maps,more powerups,diff game modes stufff like that but besides my pickieness FUCKIN AWESOME

Good combination

Time proven concepts all thrown together. This is a pretty darn good game, just wish it had some depth (no idea how to do that). I guess its just not complicated enough for me to keep playing myself.

Also, as probably mentioned before, the Skip Ad button doesn't work like it should.


When I first started this game, I thought it would be a boring old clone. Boy, was I wrong. this game has good controls, intuitive gameplay, and, above all else, this game is SO ADDICTIVE. I would pay for a full version. Only problem is that the screen is, well, too vertical. But apart from that, PERFECT.