Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"

Clever and innovative!

Very cool! 8D I love the idea and soundtrack!


this is a game anyone can play that isnt complicated, but still lets you use a bit of strategy! my highest score was 61,719 points; it's much easier to play on a slow computer, because the lag makes it so that you can land where you want and not move too mech to the left or right.

i love this game

This is a really interesting and appropriately titled concept to combine a Tetris-esque puzzle game with a platformer. The music and graphics are great and the gameplay is fun and challenging. 5 outta 5.

great game, just a few suggestions

i didnt get it when i played my first games how many lives i got.
you should tell us how many lives you have.

and secondly, and this is just my own taste, but i would like to double-jump. once i could hardly jump out my cliff.

i'll be glad if you think about it.