Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"


Very nice game play, I see no faults in this game. Very simple, but awesome! The chip tune going on here and the retro style is beyond how great I visioned this game to be when I first clicked on the link. :D Great Job!

realy cool

remainds me of tetris :D

I used to be addicted to crack

But this game helped me beat it! I like how you didn't cheap out on the music, kept the song going for a long time rather than some 30s loop that makes me wanna smoke more crack. Not to mention the game is fun, original, and very replay worthy. Great job!

exelent job!

Wow, this is some weird game but addicting as hell!
And when the blocks fall down, you always have a fair chance to jump out of their way.


Wow, at first I though it was simply another tetris like game. But this one is amazing! Even the music is addictive! The bad point is that the game start to lag when we get high score and believe me I have a really good computer!

The medal could have been harder to get, 5000 points is really nothing... I got a score of 157 000 within two days ;)