Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"

Like it

Good game. Like how it's retro and fun at the same time. :P

Really fun!

I found this game really fun & addicting! It's challenging but not up to the point where it's too hard. Good, classic visuals and great music! A really fun game to play :)

Bit Trip Madness!

Amazing, blasting, pixeled (sort of) puzzler fun! Complimented by dotty music. 10/10 for sure!

It does exactly what a game SHOULD do!

Simple controls, fast pace that is decided by how you decide to play and how good you actually are (at 1x, most things will be slow, at max, OH GOD KEEP UP!)

Overall, I rate this 10 for being a retro game with the right qualities for games. Well done!

Absolutely Amazing.

I'm not going to ramble on and on about it, But overall this game is Addicting, Fun, and a great addition to the Newgrounds website. 10 stars well deserved my friend.