Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"

When I first started this game, I thought it would be a boring old clone. Boy, was I wrong. this game has good controls, intuitive gameplay, and, above all else, this game is SO ADDICTIVE. I would pay for a full version. Only problem is that the screen is, well, too vertical. But apart from that, PERFECT.

I played this game some years ago and I loved. Today, I'm playing it again because I saw it in my personal recomendations, and I see a new bug. If I die while I'm earning points, after pressing any key, I appear as dead again, and I can't do anything more except pressing another key and die again.

Please if you see this review, fix it!

I love this game))) Its easy for game play and programing game.I plaing in this game 1 houre its amazing game. 5/5

No doubt about it this games addicting as hell. Feel there should at least be easier medals but aside from that cant wait to try the steam version

First medal should worth 25 points