Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"


This game is more addictive than anything I've played this year. Iflippinlovethisgametopieces!

awesome game!

I love this game, i have been playing this game over and over again and trying to beat my highscores.

to the previous poster, the pause button is the esc key.

Very fun and very creative!

But a pause button would really help.

More than one music track on this thing would also help, I think.

I absolutely love this!

Love this game! ~As soon as I started playing the joy began, and I got so excited about it I told everyone in the house about it!

I would definitely buy this game as a Xbox/PS3 marketplace item, provided there were extra features!

Some ideas :D Story Mode where you walk to different puzzle chambers with different level designs? 2 Player Mode VS FTW!

This game made me sign up to Newgrounds beacause I had to let you know how much this game meant to me !

this game is like a drug!

i didnt reach 2000 points but i wont give up.

why not adding/making a medal named "out max" or so (for getting the weapon to maximum)?