Reviews for "Super Puzzle Platformer"


My high score doesn't save! Other than that, very good. very addictive.

Unique !

La simplicité extrême de ce shoot/platformer et les touches qui sont comprises tout de suite font que ce flash est très fun . C'est l'addiction elle-même ! Encore, ce jeu mériterait plus que 10 . C'est tellement parfait que j'ai eu du mal a trouver de quoi faire un commentaire pour parler un peu de cette expérience épique .


This game is probably the most addicting game I've ever played! I even have my own little secret way of getting lots of points! Anyone reading this from my profile, PLEASE PLAY THIS GAME! IT'S AWESOME! BTW, Try to top this score: 30,367.
Thank you, intmain for making this amazing game. Though next time, make the game so that it saves your name, so that we aren't confused about which profile is which.


Fantatic crow bethwen tetris and shooter

The wonders of this game cannot be sumarized.

Whoa this is amazing.
This ultimately has to be THE most original game I've ever played, literally.
With a tetris board and a guy with a gun who looks like little alien hamster, this game couldn't get any better, then you started adding spike blocks to make a challenge.
This blew me away, I was so amazed by this game's uberness that I forgot all about getting the medals (the reason why I clicked on this game)
Amazing as it is, I cannot find more words to describe such a perfect experience I had playing this game. Absoultely astounding.
With more great ideas like this you're sure to have your games become the newest classics as a new generation of gamers emerges.
Thank you for an amazing game, again I am wordless to describe the wonders this game has in store for any.
Try to beat my score: 216k points :D