Reviews for "Myth Runner"

cool transform!!!

at first i though its a regular running game, but after collecting the book Im amazed that it can transform to epic character, very cool baby, hei are you sure you made this only on 2 day?


I had great fun once again working with and voice acting :LL!
I Have to say the art is amazing the the programming is once again top standards, I love how the music fits with the game and how the medals make it more enjoyable along with Highscore board.
I can't wait for more projects we do together


excellent, simple yet entertaining

for 2 days, it's awesome. the gameplay is so simple, no need to explain anything. any gamer can play it directly. quite fun with those transformation options. i think overall a good game, and deserve to be played. well done for the the game maker


It is the best game I've played for the gameJam
Simply amazing
A very good platformer(main part)
An also very good run'n'shoot(harry potter part)
An great platformer(twilight part)
and finally the best part of the game the jaws part which was great
Music was also great
The only improvement I could suggest is when the character collects 5 books from all the collections he could transform to smt that has elements from all these(just a suggestion)
Fantastic game

Pretty good!

I really liked the concept and the music. pretty fun! nice job!