Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"


The only real funny part was when he unlocked the door with his foot.

Ah c'mon

6/10 its enough im dissapointed... wase of time -.-

Go out, buy a good mic.

A high 9 for the animation/art style dude. You've got a good thing going.

The sound is just THAT HARD to listen to it wrecks all your hard efforts. I don't care if it's on purpose. I couldn't bare it at regular volume which made me miss half the dialogue as I spent most of my time adjusting my speakers.

Looking forward to your next anim mate.


I like the expressions, but otherwise the audio isn't that good (improvised and all) and the animation is a bit rough. Otherwise I kinda like your style kid!

I was disappointed...

I like your story, the voices and microphone stuff (like when it fell), but i was disappointed at your animation. Really, get a good animator to do the work and this would fit its spot on the front page instead of being an eyesore on the front page. -7 for animation, but i think you could do better, and hopefully will so +1 to get a 4/10