Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"


that was totally amazing! I have a boner do to the epicness of this movie! Omigodlike totally I JUST WANT TO PWN NOOBS! YaH! I laughed as hard as I have at any other flash movie!

Pjorg responds:

easy there.

I'm pretty sure guns don't work like this.

Very funny concept, good animation xD i liked this very much and hoping for more of your work!

So much originality in this flash!

It definitely took me by surprise, all of the angry faces of the dad, the mooing noise he made when chasing his son down the hallway, the kid kicking through the door and turning the knob with his foot! You didn't put in any cliches', all of your humor was original, which is pretty rare! Right after the dad said, "fight me son", I was laughing all the way through. As for the fuzzy sound quality and "lazy" animation, it worked perfectly for this flash, simply because you've put in the effort into creating a hilarious scenario. This is definitely your own style, don't change a thing!


great just great


ooodles of goo