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Reviews for "Dead Space Fail"


it was ok :P if you've played this game it makes the whole thing alot funnier, ive seen a walkthrough of it, not actually played it so yh it was good :) but it took me a while to figure out it wasn't one whole sequential thing, they were more like small sketches xD it was kinda random, but hey i love random XD

Fell flat

It was honestly not very good at all. Like... I dunno. It wasn't funny by any means at all. The animation was pretty weak. I mean it was very few frames making it look choppy. Like it really felt like the Halo Reach parody you did. Like exactly the same. The same blood, the same facial expressions (if you call the mask glow an expression), The same humor of BLUBLUBLUBS. It was all the same. Just a different environment. On the art side it was pretty good. Eye catching but sort of lazy. Like it all seemed scribbled. Like every one of your things you kinda scribble things in and expect it to make everyone go OH MY GOD IT'S SOOOO AMAZING! And when you actually look closer at it you realize it's just scribbles. I'm not here to troll or anything. That's not what I do. Try harder next time. You have the potential of making something great man.

lmao xD

At the end "This isn't so bad" Captain falcon: "Yes" xD


great job, man :D

lol hilarious

that basically dead space in a nutshell, damn babies >.>