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Reviews for "Kaboomz 2"

Cool game

I like level design. Very interesting puzzle game!

Very Great

I loved it. It's a type of game you want to play for hours!


The game is entertaining. It's not very original, but it's hard to find originality in these times.

The gameplay is good, the music isn't fristrating, and levels require focusing on them, timing the shoots. Number of levels is okay, I can't complain about it. In general the game is good looking, and playable. Also, the levels are constructed creatively.

On the other side the levels are quite easy to solve. There's no much logic behind them, and when you look at them, you see how to do them already. It's good to have a plan from the beggining, but I'm sure some players would like to find the non-obvious way how to solve the puzzle for their own.

Also, mentioned beafore originality factor. The game is not very original, and quite simple in itself, but still entertaining.