Reviews for "IAMW, Charlie Brown"

I like Charlie Brown

This animation was really really impressive.

Good grief.

I'm a huge fan of the old peanuts comics and you did an excellant job with this entire video, except for charlie browns voice. I enjoyed the refrences to specific comic strips where lucy wronged poor CB. Nice to see Lucy finally get her comeuppance to.


I was watching him siting than i was like WTF

Nicely done!

i've seen quite a few remakes of old comic strips, but very few that were actually interesting. You, on the other hand, stayed true to the characters but added new dimensions to them...it makes sense that Linus would try to be the mediator and that Charlie Brown would try to take the easy way out of his problems. Your song choices were also excellent and the voice acting was perfect.
And I mean, after decades of abuse, of course Lucy has to die.


Very nice animation, the voice acting could do with some work but its not bad. I don't know whether to take it as humorous or not though, it looks like its serious but then its borderline ridiculous and I don't know what it's aiming for. Nice job though, very interesting.