Reviews for "IAMW, Charlie Brown"

Happiness is a Dead Peanut

This is amazing, amazing beyond words. And 220 others have expressed far more effectively what makes it so amazing than I ever could. But I will say this: there are two things holding me back from giving it a perfect score of 10:

1) Charlie Brown's voice. This cartoon is perfectly cast otherwise, but when ol' Chuck speaks it's kind of...funky. And not in a great way, sorry. :P

Charlie Brown uses a meat cleaver to kill Lucy. But it's a well-known fact to Peanuts fans that Charlie's dad is a barber. Therefore, a large pair of scissors or some other shaving/cutting utensil would have been a more satisfying, if less gory weapon to have been used to take the life of Lucy van Pelt.

Other than those two small quibbles this is an amazing flash, and I can't wait to see the conclusion!

Murder was the case

That was amazing. Charlie Brown the incidental killer, a boy pushed too far. I can't wait for a sequel.


translation^ i love this fucking shit

It was alright

Mostly I liked the music. Animation is far better than what I could ever hope to achieve, so congrats.

i does not make sence

why was monter talking charlie brown