Reviews for "Brutal"

Good game.

This is so good, the color change is very good and the physics are so epic, i beated all of it. 4/5 9/10 Because it becomes boring after a time. Anyway good job.

Nice game.

But the replay value is lacking. 10 for effort. It can get boring after about level 13. 8/10 5/5


It's a pretty good game and the physics are okay, but the main problems are how you can't jump if there is even one pixel missing from underneath yo and the difficulty (lack of, I mean). It should be called "tough" or something like, that, because the only thing that's "Brutal" is the utilization of bad bits in the programming.

Awesome game, just rage filled XP

Good stuff

You have the right nutrients in this game and you know how to put things into the right place at the right time, making this a fun type of game, and the end results spell out fun and excitement. Not a bad game here simple shapes and simple controlls, it something you dont see all the time but was still kind of neat, the levels do progressivly get harder but it was in all good fun, the color changing was a nice option you should have more options like that, and the music was also nice, so a nice overall game here. Now these types of games are not my specialty at all, But i do like the element you have put in here And makes for a fun and entertaining game experience, So keep up that effort and style of quality.

I actually liked this game, even though I couldn't understand it. It looked like this other simular game i once played but you have took this to another level and made it even more fun and entertaining, so nice game indeed. Well this was a nice game but you can add more options like adding more stuff like to click on like you did with changing color, maybe adding some more "CLICK-ABLE" objects.