Reviews for "Brutal"


of all ball game i play this is the best pac man clone i ever see! the ball don't bounce, but it can pull blocks, i think this is some of karmik hint...

It's a BRUTAL game...

Sorry for my english but...
This game it's so creative, harder levels (but no imposibles, like others games that thwart you a lot), good music, nice visual and audio effects.....it's so creative. never a ball kept me entertained for hours......and i get all medals by myself, it was hard and entertained. BRUTAL job.

Nice game!!

Oh yeah noticed your flag and the flag was Filipino!!!
Are you a Filipino too?


I beat it with all the frikin coins
only 378 deaths
level 29 is so f***** frustrating but hell jea its possible
great game... hard but EPIC
5/5 10/10

levels of 8 and 26 is not working properly!! Video solutions shows that the items behave differently in the beginning of the levels