Reviews for "Brutal"


Simple concept, but incredibly difficult! I like the instant respawn - in too many games of this nature I am forced to wait thru some kind of death scene or animation to try again - not so here, so points for that! The physics are consistent and the hitboxes are accurate. Waited till I beat all the levels to write this review - this will be one medal that I proudly display!

Good, but...

It has some good puzzles and ideas, and the physics are great, but it seems a bit too easy for a "Nintendo Hard"-esque game. It also feels quite generic, but this is a problem with most pure platformers.

Like an annoying game, but better!

This game has renewed my hatred for triangles.

A glitch occurred on level 21 where after dying rapidly, the circle started spawning off the platform. Only happened once though.

So and so

The difficulty curve is rather high but still possible to complete, the only downfall is many of the puzzles must be completed by trial and error ,sometimes you have to magically stick to the side of a block/bar/object and jump off of it. Also jumping from the edge is a bitch.

Overall good challenge game except for the things i mentioned.

Good job and great effort!

What the christ...

It had a good thing going but what kind of unholy realm of difficult is this?