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Reviews for "Scrolless"

IDK What...

that fruitcake under me is talking about but the second level was pretty freaking easy, and his english is fine, vat are u talkin boutz huh?


i never ever play a game so cool! the music is a suberp sinphonia of complexity, the nija have a crude and grotescque story and the screen is full of nija puzzle that make my smart like a nija! i'm gonna play this game until i die!

loved it !

I loved this game ! it was very unique ! My favorite was "hide from enemy"..made me giggle :D

how to scroll for dummies

put your mouse at the edge of screen. let it scroll, the end.

Nice game. Not my cup of tea but its pretty well done and the music is nice.

Nice game

I give this game a medium score for 2 reasons, one more so than the other. The first is that I can't get past the second level. The problem is that the screen doesn't scroll over, so I always get caught. The other thing is your English. It's pretty good and can be understood, however it is not perfect. This is not a bad thing and does not affect the score I gave you, I simply mention it to let you know. Maybe you could ask someone to proof-read it for you? Just to make sure that it can all be understood, because sometimes leaving a word or two out can cause confusion. Great effort, well done, like the game.