Reviews for "-Space pirates-"

pure awesome!

If this song was a fluid substance, it would be liquid awesome :3 Need i say more? NO!!! But i will!
Not only is it original, it makes you remember the times when it was awesome to just burst out in song and go berserk! Well almost... Still, can't really find a song on NG that makes me so happy and gold to be alive at the same time :D
Love your music, man! So thanks for bringing your awesome being to the underground we all know as Newgrounds!

awesome song!

and the stats are awesome 386,558 downloads but 94,320 listens ?!??! how does that happen D: more people downloaded it than the people listened to it?!

and getting #6 on the popularity charts is nothing less than amazing

good job

This song represents Castle Crashers.

This is just plain EPIC!

Nice Dude!

I can see why it is called Space pirates. Suits them perfectly!This is probably my favorite song on Castle Crashers, and Newgrounds!


wow, this song is cool, i downloaded it and im using the song whenever im bored.thanks for making this!