Reviews for "-Space pirates-"

The flying saucer sound just doesn’t go in with the song, making the quality kind of sketchy. But gosh, 2006, man! That’s what I call and oldie but a goody! And the tune at the beginning is very unique! 👌

Even discounting the Scratch nostalgia, his piece makes me smile. So much. Definitely pulls off the vibe you seem to have been going for - it sounds like a sea shanty with futuristic instruments. Very bouncy and fun. I have to agree with AwesomeAlois - the key change is a bit awkward and clunky. Curious as to why you chose to go down a half step with the key change as opposed to up a half step as is conventional. It seems like it was a good choice, whatever reason you did it. Overall a pretty good piece.

Am I the only one who gets kinda put on edge by listening to this? If you listen to it at like 10:00 it just makes you feel uneasy...

Changes key uncomfortably. Still nice though.

The song still listens so cute many years later. Yes, soooo cute!