Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"


Should be arrested for making such an awesome, addicting, story detailed, time consuming, game ever to hit Newgrounds!

You deserve getting the Daily 1st place! Man so far only got two endings but from just those two alone, I can tell you put in a lot of effort into this game. First trying things in normal mode than going to hit it hard mode for the remaining goodies.

My only complaint would be the slow pace of the game, but that would be only after the first play through...

Sure this isn't a flash game? Feels more like I'm playing something from the PSP or something close to it.

Yes this game is AWESOMELY EPIC!

We Made it

You have created one of the most incredible, most intense flash games I have made. Few video games I have played have brought me to tears, and this flash, with some of the intense moments you included in this flash, has made me cry. The emotion and feeling I made with the game is so incredible. I'm not the one to criticize gameplay, controls, or anything, for I just favor the storyline, and this...this right here has to be the only flash to has made such a devastating impact of how i see RPG's. Almost my entire philosophy in life changed, my pessimistic output has changed drastically. I'm incredible heart felt by the flash. Your widespread mind to create such a... extravagant story such as this baffles me to even wonder why you aren't a movie writer or book writer. I spent almost the entire day to just finish this. I have gone through every single plot twist with aching eyes, sore eyes, wet/dry eyes. I'm sorry if I sound over dramatic, but I'm at a loss of words cause I just finished the game and I'm so teary-eyed. Thank you, so, so, so much for making this.
Btw, I chose no wish :) Love to all.

Absolutely Bloody Brilliant

I just spent the last 8 hours playing this, and I could not have hoped for anything better. Sure the shooting got a little bit tedious a little ways in, but that's really the only fault. The storyline was absolutely excellent - not a single game has managed to be so emotional for me before, never mind a flash game!!
The music always managed to fit the tone, and the characters were fleshed out in suprising detail. I've only played through the game once, and that was on hard, but it was truly memorable.

Thank you for creating this game.

I haven't beat the game yet. I only just got the star fragment, there might be more. Flanndifferous game... I get the sinking feeling Mare is a girl, after all mare is what female horses are called.

I enjoyed the the characters and the jokes, but what hit me most was the story, I think I cried a little when Ginny "died", although the gameplay was somewhat repetitive, but everything else was so well done, I don't care.