Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

I play this on Armor games

I finish the game on lvl 57 on hard i waste almost 1 hour killing the final boss


that game was awesome I'm am never not playing this game ever!!!!! It's just too awesome it blew my mind I've been playing this for 3 days and finally beat it so I'm still hooked


Long story short, this is one of the most complete games on Newgrounds.

The dialogue sequences remind me of those in Fire Emblem; the layout, topics of discussion and the ways of expression are very similar, with a good balance between humour, relationships and storytelling. For a flash game, the depth of the characters and the amount of dialogue are staggering, so it's a good job that they were well though out. There are a few typos, but I really couldn't be less bothered about those. I think dialogue is one one of your strong points, and consequently the best part of the game - to the point of me not skipping anything intentionally. I made a few double-clicks by accident, so it would have been nice to see what had been said previously in addition to what was being said at the moment.

The storyline was also really solid. I did feel like some twists came too much out of the blue, but I'll gladly overlook that as well. "Real" video games have those moments as well, but there they can be easier to conceal under a larger cast and more things going on, which are hardly viable in Flash games. Most Flash games don't aspire to deep storylines anyway. This game proves that they should, and that they could.

Frankly, the shooting was the weakest part of the game. It felt repetitive, mostly due to the reused bosses and lack of really special enemies. The RPG elements (critical hits, dodging etc.) didn't feel like they made that much of a difference, and in general everything just felt like any old sidescrolling shooter. Which, while not particularly great, really isn't too bad either.

So there we go. Even the weakest bits of the game weren't terrible at all. On the whole, a job well done.

Oh, and did I mention the soundtrack is great? I don't think I did. The soundtrack is great.


DLC Of All Kinds :O

For as long as I am able to rate this Flash, I shall.

Seriously DAMN good game. I kinda power played it the last 24 hours....And skipped most of the dialogue..... And I havent even finished it yet.....But Im gonna start a new game, And do it properly. From start to finish......Probably for the next 20 years if possible....This is a beautifuly simply amazing game.
The art is beautiful and imaginative.
The music is mesmerizing, I only wish there were more tracks=/
The shooter parts are damn fun and some are quite tedius for me. I enjoy that in a game.....Despite my frustrationXD
This game deserves teh DLC treatment and your future games need to be produced by a big coporate sponsor:3
Well, Im over exagerating a bit, But I still wish it>.<
Damn fine job^^

Overall epic game

This game you have created is absolutely amazing. Amazing storyline, great music, and some things mentioned in the game give you meaningful things to think about. There are a few things I'd recommend working out a bit, though.

As some people have mentioned before, this game got rather repetitive .... I'd like to see new/different bosses at the end of each level. But I loved the story behind the whole game, absolutely blew me away. I would suggest listening to what some people suggest and make the dialogue more interactive or add some more features to the bridge, like instead of clicking on several bars, you could have an elevator or room to use to select different destinations within the Mothership which would also give you a chance to show new/different graphics.
Controls were pretty easy to understand, and easily accessible. The characters seemed to have been developed pretty well, my only suggestion is to perhaps make it possible to talk to all characters when inside the cafeteria instead of just 2 people. You did a pretty good job with the weapons. I say 'pretty good job', because i thought maybe you could try to balance it out? I don't know, it just seemed off throughout the game. I really like the soundtrack. It really matched with whatever was going on, and I completely enjoy listening to it.

Overall, this game was put together amazingly well. You've managed to make an amazing combination of an RPG shooter with visual novel dialogue and a touch of sim dating. One of my favorite games, for sure.