Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

its good

its really good for starters i like how you made the begging kid of like pokemoon mystery dungeon


i play flash games every now and then, some for the laughs, others to see if they're any good at all. i'm not entirely into flash games...and yet

i'd call this one a gem. Truly a gem that many need to experience themselves. the game is amazing. its fun, the story is compelling, and the music was amazing. This, is by far, frontpage worthy and i hope they take notice of your amazing talent. kudos.

Let's get moving

I liked the writing, but there was so little action in the beginning. At least make some conversation choices so I'm not just clicking through dialogue for half an hour.


When i finished the game i felt deeply.... happy.
I thank you for making a game that has a story so utterly brilliant. A few rough edges, sure. But nonetheless, a uncut diamond is still a diamond.
The story truly moved me. It felt more like a story than a game.
Again,brillian plot and story. Thank you for making my day.

I it a good game but there is room for impovement,

-con I many othere I also had some truble whith the saving sytem but it only happen once the diel long even thew it was intresting to read it it kide of draged on too long for me epshly in the intor I was to pumed to read dilog I won'ted to fly if you can shorten up a bit that wood be nice pluse recoluring the boss three time is kide of lazy.
-pors vrity of wepons you can custmize your ship as you se fit the chariter are fun to talk.
and I will tell no one how i end the stoy becuse then I be ruining it for you
I hood to see more of your work xdanond