Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

seems like a game you`d download off xbxo live

pretty good...


i think we can give this one a satisfaktion!!!

This, this is just amazing.

Dude, this game...this game is just epic. The whole piece enthralled me, it made me feel emotions, it made me smile, it made me sad, it mad me happy, the plot is set in stone amazing. Sometimes as I played I forgot what site I was on, and then I remembered I was on NewGrounds playing this amazing Rpg. I felt at times as if I were playing FF8, but then I remembered I was playing this. I come to NewGrounds and feel bored so I look up some shooter games, not to insult others works, but then I find this amazing piece of art and I am drawn into the vortex that is this. I could say make more like this, make more that are even better, and put them on NewGrounds, but that's just the beginning, you must pursue a career in the gaming buisness, you must show that you have the material to actually go out there and make amazing rpg games on Pc,Xbox,Or PS3. Strive to become one of the best fame-makers of our future, you'll remember your roots at making flash games as you finish a multi-million rpg based shooter or combat sequencer. Remember this game, make it big, re-amp it, create cinematic-sequences that amaze and astound people, get the gra[hics up, draw out the storyline even more, make more decisions, have ship combat and also fight through the world's on foot, make more enemies than the drones, complex and unique enemies. You have the potential, you have it in heaps, I'm sure that in a few years you'll be working in something amazing, and I'll play that on a console, and it will tug at the heartstrings brother, it will make me angry, and it will make me laugh. So to end this post, though it somewhat saddens me, I have to say, you did an amazing job, and created a piece of art, a masterpiece, that NewGrounds should be proud to have. Just awe-inspiring.

Console worthy

This is a type of game that deserves to be ported to console. You took a concept no other person could think about, and made it work completely. The story is a complete and emotional drawing that is not found in a lot of current games. The gameplay for a flash game is golden, and the advantages on a console would stir it up higher. With the use of multible paths to take, this is indeed an RPG, a shooter, and an amazing game that is more than worthy to belong on a console. Keep on going!


this could easily be a tv series. and possibly a console game, i know i would buy it. think about it this is to awsome to be a just flash game.