Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

these was a good game but its not my kind but the graphics were really good

One of the best Flash Shooters EVER!! I love how I can actually BUY upgrades. Thanks so much. 5STARS!

Hi there, I have some bugs for you.....that didn't come out the way I intended it to..ohwell XD

In-game bugs

- The WARNING signal for a Boss disappears sometimes in one of the Worlds(can't

remember accurately which one exactly) when playing on New Game Plus.

- When starting a New Game Plus it seems to become temporarily impossible to access

the Hangar and Weapons Lab after having had the conversations in the Cafe and having

played the levels Skies of Syd and Asteroid Field a couple of times.

- The gaps in all sorts of structures throughout the levels sometimes seem to "suck

me in". Literally. That is why this is imo the MOST ANNOYING BUG ever in this game

getting the medal "The Chosen One" has been a pain in the ass trying to get because

no matter how strong I seem to become.....its all meaningless before this bug as you

get sucked in and get slowly if not instantly annihilated. (AND OF COURSE SAY BYE BYE


If I encounter any other bugs I'll let you know and for the rest......well.........
regardless of the bugs A GOOD GAME WILL ALWAYS BE A GOOD GAME no seriously as someone

who loves to read this RPG/shooter/novel- type game really is something else and I am

looking forward to more.....however this doesn't mean that you should haste things

TOO MUCH. Take your time and work on it slowly bit by bit as it is generally better

(for your own sanity) that a person that accumulates little effort upon effort every

day then try and rush it.......of course IF you feel like your lacking the

willpower/drive/determanation or whatever then you can purposely set for yourself a

deadline/timelimit BUT make sure that the quality of your work DOES NOT drop in doing

so and afterwards then you can reward yourself with some (insert your

favorite/delicious foods here) so that it feels like it you've accomplished something

fucking amazing even more so then ever before! :)

aaaaannndddd I got way to sidetracked lol anyway this was Newgrounder4

Have a nice life.

best Rpg Shooter Of newgrounds Your Are so My favorite Author Xdamond :DDDDD

Amazing game. The gameplay was repetitive but the mindblowing screenplay keeps you captivated to see what happens next until the end.