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Reviews for "Chance and Ineptitude"


I got here through a link in one of the songs and am glad i came! this is now one of my favs!!!!!


i love it. tha was beatifull


I love the story, and the artwork reminds me of my style a bit even.

I would love to see more like this someday, keep up the good work!



As I said on your previous video, spectacular. The chaos of the imagery really helps to show the inner struggle of the character and develop her personality and, once again, the writing is beautiful.

Please release the next part soon.

linda-mota responds:

The next part will hopefully be up around nov/dec. Life happens and what not.

What a great story

I am so glad that you decided to make another submission. While you could still work with animation, this is just great to look at. The best part is that you manage the main character quite sympathetic, especially for a vampire. I recall the previous submission and realize this is in the same story. The music is fantastic as it gives a feel of elegance and darkness. This main character has the reasons for what she does.

It seems like it would be impossible to justify the atrocities that a vampire does. You feel sorry not just for the child but for her as well when the child's neck snaps. It just goes to show how much story you can put in with non-moving pictures. I noticed that "Scene Select" doesn't seem to do anything. You probably shouldn't use the Halloween logo when it's not Halloween.