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Reviews for "Chance and Ineptitude"


I got here through a link in one of the songs and am glad i came! this is now one of my favs!!!!!

Eloquent, yet primal

On the one hand, it's the classic tale of tragedy, intermixed with an unexplained backstory that gives it an edge of mystery, and on top of that the artstyle fuels its insanity induced nightmare world.

On the otherhand, while the stark and chaotic inking gives it style and purpose, it also at the same time makes it difficult to discern what exactly I'm looking at. Which breaks the immersion of the story. I enjoyed the story of a woman living long enough to see herself become a monster she despises though. Good show. 8/10.


i hope that thereĀ“s a lot more pepole that could see this awsome work of art :D