Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

Go to Hell.

No, really. If you can go wherever you want, then why not go to Heaven and Hell. Well, Hell is probably too hot for you to visit, even in spirit form, but Heaven isn't. I know! You could test it. Look up "Hell's gate Darvaza" on the internet. It's a pit in Turkmenistan that's been on fire since the 70's. If you find that too hot to enter, you'd be unable to get to Hell either.

So... go to Heaven! I've heard that there's an area in space to our north somewhere, that is an opening with brilliant light and many colors coming from it. Some speculate that it could be the entrance to Heaven. I don't remember the name, and couldn't find it quickly. Just think "Heaven" and see where you go. You could find out for us. Don't ask a spirit guide, ask an angel if you see one, or even ask for one once you're out that way. I've heard that spirit giudes are actually demons. They'd tell you Heaven doesn't exist; same with Hell.

Go to church! I've heard that angels are in churches during the service. Try several different types of churches, as maybe some have more ..."power" than others, maybe...? In spirit form, you might be able to see the angels and ask them where to find Heaven. It would be interesting to see what they'd have to say.

I gave you a 1 for this animation because the animation is good, but the information is dangerous. Whenever someone posts a video of a home-made bomb on the internet, then others try to imitate them, and eventually someone gets hurt. This information that you present here has serious danger potential. It's one thing to get your finger burned or blown off, but someone sometime is going to screw up with their spirit out of their body. Then what?! The silver cord links you to your body, but what if someone or something cut the cord? Maybe you haven't heard of that before because if the cord returns you to your body and it's cut while you're out, the body dies. Then the spirit goes to....?