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Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

just dont make sense

I really want to belive in what you are saying. I think your'e right in the "time is going faster" stuff, but most of it you dont explain enough for people to really understand

P.S. please stop making the pictures so funny... I lose track

ugg that could have been better

You managed to bore me on one of my favorite subjects... Needs more evidence and arguments instead of simply stating everything as fact. Your vague citations don't help either. Please more logic so I don't fall asleep waiting for something new to think about. Also I think you wave around dimensions and many other long debated concepts far too lightly. These concepts all need more flashes supporting them. I suppose you'll be getting to that someday...

My experience:
I'm a natural lucid dreamer and my experience tells me your connection of it to astral projection is not quite right. People think there is a connection is because those who have few lucid dreams confuse their novel overwhelming experience for something more than it is. The hippocampus and a few other parts of the brain deal with your body map and world map. When those areas enter a certain state you will get the feeling that you have left your body and your brain has the mechanisms to facilitate generating a world to match your believed actions... I've even experienced OBE but in my experiences there was never a chord attaching me to my body and the information I got from traveling away from your my body was mostly inaccurate and the parts that were accurate I could have guessed without the experience. OBE and lucid dreaming in my experience have always been very separate.

I do want to applaud you for noting that lucid dreamers perceive the future past and present at the same time- that is totally the state of an experienced lucid dreamers mind when they are lucid dreaming. But unfortunately it has never proven useful to me outside of my dream. I will admit that I have acted based on it before and doing so felt fulfilling, yet the info is still mostly inaccurate.

For the record, I rarely agree with what your saying but I like to think so I have watched them all so far and will continue to watch these.

RiverJordan responds:

The reason you don't see a cord while lucid dreaming is because your in a frequency where you are already creating your reality. If you go from a waking state to out of body state, astral projection, you will see that cord. You basically make it invisible, or not a part of your reality, when your in a lucid dream, because it's not there in the dream itself.

Many assuptions...

This is both a criticism and challenge... The animation is great and fun and a fun way of explaining what I will call "batshit"... It's all imagination, great imagination but not real, sorry. Also, the 4th dimension is Time, not some other place. So my challenge is this. If anyone can prove astral projection then do so... view me. Between 12-5pm on Sunday July 3rd I will be at a pet store called Clark's on Lomas in Albuquerque. I ride what kind of motorized bike? What am I wearing? Astral projection is not proven real. neither are angles and devils and an afterlife. Modern science has never proven astral projection real. I have done this challenge before to all who make these claims.

RiverJordan responds:

Watch the spirit science called dimensions, I explain the dimensional levels in a way that will make sense to you. Furthermore, astral projection IS real, and anyone who has experienced it will tell you 100% that it was real, and not imagination. If you experienced it, you would say the same thing.


What a Crapton of Bullshit. Nice animations when there where animations but Its just 15 min of Bullshit. Feel free to think what you want, and you will but damn man thats just a blabbering of shit.

RiverJordan responds:

Well, it is what it is. And anyone that has done it (and looking at the other comments, sounds like quite a few), would disagree with you ;)

Go to Hell.

No, really. If you can go wherever you want, then why not go to Heaven and Hell. Well, Hell is probably too hot for you to visit, even in spirit form, but Heaven isn't. I know! You could test it. Look up "Hell's gate Darvaza" on the internet. It's a pit in Turkmenistan that's been on fire since the 70's. If you find that too hot to enter, you'd be unable to get to Hell either.

So... go to Heaven! I've heard that there's an area in space to our north somewhere, that is an opening with brilliant light and many colors coming from it. Some speculate that it could be the entrance to Heaven. I don't remember the name, and couldn't find it quickly. Just think "Heaven" and see where you go. You could find out for us. Don't ask a spirit guide, ask an angel if you see one, or even ask for one once you're out that way. I've heard that spirit giudes are actually demons. They'd tell you Heaven doesn't exist; same with Hell.

Go to church! I've heard that angels are in churches during the service. Try several different types of churches, as maybe some have more ..."power" than others, maybe...? In spirit form, you might be able to see the angels and ask them where to find Heaven. It would be interesting to see what they'd have to say.

I gave you a 1 for this animation because the animation is good, but the information is dangerous. Whenever someone posts a video of a home-made bomb on the internet, then others try to imitate them, and eventually someone gets hurt. This information that you present here has serious danger potential. It's one thing to get your finger burned or blown off, but someone sometime is going to screw up with their spirit out of their body. Then what?! The silver cord links you to your body, but what if someone or something cut the cord? Maybe you haven't heard of that before because if the cord returns you to your body and it's cut while you're out, the body dies. Then the spirit goes to....?