Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

A thank you.

Years back, I was into all this, the only problem, it was a cult. It didn't go into detail to far and mainly used Reptillian Aliens as a scapegoat to everything. They were the reason of all suffering and etc... I slowly broke away from that thinking and have had a hard time going back into this subject again. You, however, have actually have pieced together things without using false evidence and have kept a pace I am able to follow. Sure, I'll admit it, you do seem a bit forceful on the subject at times and use the either or debate. But it matters more on how individuals see everything.

I tried to lucid dream and AP before, but it was only successful once (A lucid dream experience). But I was in the mindset that my body was a prison created by evil aliens.
I'm rambling now. What I truly meant to say was to thank you for taking the time to do this as this series has allowed me to connect to myself again.


i have had mutiple astral projections but i never see a cord and when i go back to my body i kind of trip in to it

An Amazing Experience

I just wanna start off saying that this is the best episode so far! I feel like I'm really connecting to what you've been introducing to us viewers so far. I KNOW that I have lucid dreamed before, and had full control over my self, but because I had no knowledge of what exactly was happening, I couldn't direct myself.

My most memorable one just found myself in my room, getting up and trying to open my locked door, but phasing in and out of standing and feeling my pillows under my face. Soon I realized I was dreaming, but before I could do anything about it, the next thing I remember, I'm in my home town driving around, with everything changing, and me trying to navigate it. Is this what happens when you first have extremely lucid dreaming? I felt like I was just thrust into things and as my imagination wandered, so did my environment.

But besides the point, 10/10. Keep it up!!!

you must be a genuis

by the looks of these videos, it seem that you've helped a lot of people become open to new ideas and ways of thinking. I can't believe that almost no info has been publicly distrobutied untill now. I like how you can put your thoughts out without insulting any religions or beliefs, while still making an interseting point to people of any religion. Your videos deserve a higher score than what their getting now.

A fun tip...

If you want to fly while astral projecting, imagine yourself already flying... since you can control your reality, you have to tune out the "I cannot do this" and just do whatever comes to mind... The hardest part of this is remaining focused... Time seems to go by so fast