Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

nice work.. i love this series

but is it bad or good that i have been having lucid dreams since i was around 4..but i dont remember every bit of the dream, only certian parts. but i do remember that i was able to control it no matter what..
i still am able to control it no matter what, i just dont sleep much xD to much to do

My experience:

I have to be honest, I really enjoyed this lesson. Unfortunately, I must disagree with two things: 1. Lucid dreaming and astral projection ARE two entirely different things. 2. Not EVERYONE has that 'silver cord'. I personally have had a handful of OBEs, and have never seen this cord. Not only have I not seen the cord, but appear to not have a definate spiritual body.
The way you said the world looks when projecting, for me personally, can be seen anytime I want. I must point out, though, that several of my friends can see aura and well.....let's just leave at them saying I'm different.

Well Shit

I lucid'd

reminds of that time

the time when i asleep i dreamed that i jerked awake and then i actually jerked awake, it was so weird. true story i swear. awesome video i'll be sure to look T SOME OF THE sources that you have suggested in this video

"Thank you"

I just want to thanks you for giving logical explanation to my thoughts about my dreaming.
I get somethimes a "Dejavu". Then i trie to find in my mind where or why do i get it. I get it many, many times. Then it comes to me that few weeks/months ago i dreamed about it. And it continues, every things/events seems like i done it already and so on.
But with the teory of lucid dreaming it is like you say. We dream or project and see the future. At first i was very freak about it. But now i embrace it and it keeps on going.
Continue with your work, it very informativ and gives explanations to many of scared people around the world. Cheers