Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

i used to do this at my christian preschool haha

at recess i would consciously astral project high above the play ground and see everyone doing stuff all around my body haha tho i dont remember seeing a connection or 'tether' back to my body.. tho i did still FEEL my body just also being above it was rather nutty haha

Changed My Perspective

I just started watching the series today...And I have to thank you for sharing all of this. It really has changed my understanding of many topic, such as heaven hell, and even this, astral projection...I will not even lie when I did not believe in this, however you well explained it all and have given me a new perspective on it. Thank You and keep up the great videos.

hey man thx heps for this seris

this seirs has helped me under stand life really well and has changed my life for the better i would really like to be freinds on face book or hotmail so could you plz send me a ad my name is stephen carroll or stepheniii@hotmail.com i have a lot or Qs to ask you and i think we would get along really well i am 16 and have never been very spiritual untill you vids i allso am a very opened minded and open to new ideas


I have to say, this is a really great video. I have experienced much of what you talk about and the rest I can either identify with or feel is genuine. this sort of information is not easy to come by unless you know what you're looking for, also you present it really well. I especially liked the music video at the end. You were right about it being a surprise. I was startled at how I could really link into what you were sharing. This stuff is very real and worth investigating the hidden principles. Everything is connected, everything is synchronized. Where have you learned what you know? did you just become determined and start figuring it out, and researching for yourself? Did you have a teacher, who helped transmit to you through direct experience?

Good one.

Hah, now I feel like I have a better understanding of why I was having such amazing sleeps. A short while ago, about a week, I had 6 or 7 lucid dreams in a row, but I never remember waking up from any of them, almost like they fluently transitioned one to the next. I can recall nearly every detail about them, but still prefer not to tell anybody my experiences. Since then, nearly every night I have had a handful of these dreams and I feel extremely well rested and, for lack of a better word, peaceful.

I can attribute the majority of these changes to meditation. I started meditating every single night and every single day since about 2 years ago. If I ever had the urge to meditate, I simply acted on it, where ever I was. One of the best spots I've found, is in the shower, because of the white noise that helps me focus. The water falling on my head eliminates the distracting thoughts I have. I don't pretend to know what I'm talking about, but if I had to compare it to something, it would be the sound waves you have talked about in the last episodes.

Every time any of this happens, it immediately becomes the best experience of my day. It lightens my mood, and in general, I just have an AWESOME day.

In my belief, another thing that derives from the astral plane, is the sense of deja vu. Recently while playing a new game of mine, everything suddenly clicked into place and I had an extraordinary sense of deja vu from this one picture. I had seen the image before, I recognized it, and I new what was going to happen the rest of that day because of it.

This is probably the longest review I have ever written on Newgrounds, but I thought it would be enlightening to share, not for anybody reading but for myself as well. The author, Jordan, will probably never read this, but it's a fun experience to imagine that he will.

As another little surprising thing, the first time I ever meditated, was to that song. Fireflies. There was just something about it that clicked in me, and I had to try it. Refreshing surprise, thank you.

RiverJordan responds:

Don't worry, I read it! :) thanks for the awesome review, I'm glad your able to speak from your heart about such topics!