Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

a few questions

First of all I want to say that I'm not very good in english so forgive me my faults.
The animations was very very well, perfeclty for an presentation like this.I've enjoyed the last part with the musik,it was all perfect :D.
But I have a few questions...
1.So if you die you come into your own world and do what you want, but what is with your friend do you see them again ? or your famalie ? If everybody get an own world how do you see them ?
2.And what about the other religions?The buddhists ,for example, believe that they become reborn...so get they a own world too ?
3.And what is then the purgatorial fire ?
But at all it is a very well done clib that broutht me to think :D


What a Crapton of Bullshit. Nice animations when there where animations but Its just 15 min of Bullshit. Feel free to think what you want, and you will but damn man thats just a blabbering of shit.

RiverJordan responds:

Well, it is what it is. And anyone that has done it (and looking at the other comments, sounds like quite a few), would disagree with you ;)

this is simply amazing

I was trying to do this last night....and it felt like my arms were flying above my bed and i didn't have any legs.....whit is awesome :3 but also I thought that when you died you stayed in a world you make until your brain decays...but this changes my perspective greatly...THANKS!!!

you must be a genuis

by the looks of these videos, it seem that you've helped a lot of people become open to new ideas and ways of thinking. I can't believe that almost no info has been publicly distrobutied untill now. I like how you can put your thoughts out without insulting any religions or beliefs, while still making an interseting point to people of any religion. Your videos deserve a higher score than what their getting now.

Thanks :)

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful immense knowledge and wisdom with us. God bless your wonderful heart.