Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

A fun tip...

If you want to fly while astral projecting, imagine yourself already flying... since you can control your reality, you have to tune out the "I cannot do this" and just do whatever comes to mind... The hardest part of this is remaining focused... Time seems to go by so fast

holy shit !

that song makes so much sense now ! lol

I also agree with your idea of heaven and hell , in fact I actually thought about it by myself. Also I had this weird dream where I knew that I was dreaming and I was like "i gotta fly !" and I did !, but the thought of a tornado came to my mind and one appeared before me :(

A curious comment

I've dreamed of flying, but before i can start it, have first lift up my foot and "Step" on the air. I've also had the dream where i realize it dreams. Here's one thing that got me thinking, I've had dream where i force things to shape to my will, what if shaping something against it will? This was sexual dream in this case.

Yay 100th review

loved this(and rest of series)especially since I haved exeperienced an O.B.E once.
This series has changed the way I look at life and a lot of other things too.


i have had a lucid dream but the problem is that i was not able to controll my world no mattrh ow ahrd i have tryed it happend 2 or three times in my life