Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"


i really like ur teaching videos but every time i dream of me in a room im always being pulled towards walls knocking things over and i hate it

medetating hurts me!

when i relax i just move around like a fricken infatable balloon in a strong wind moving everywhere!i was medatating in my giant backyard forest and next thing i know im face down in a river with a rock on my head!


i had my first astral projection when i was one all i did was fly up to my roof the way it happened was i hit my head on the coffee table and became relaxed somehow

Hi and Oh my god

To be honest with you, this whole thing actually make sence!
This have happen to me! ... i think
I get all those Déjà vu's all the time!
I always know what my friend is about to say. or feel like it
I always know what im going to eat next day. or feel like it
I always feel like i've been somewhere else everytime.
Yet, so weird.
Very well Explained and an Understanding Ending

Many assuptions...

This is both a criticism and challenge... The animation is great and fun and a fun way of explaining what I will call "batshit"... It's all imagination, great imagination but not real, sorry. Also, the 4th dimension is Time, not some other place. So my challenge is this. If anyone can prove astral projection then do so... view me. Between 12-5pm on Sunday July 3rd I will be at a pet store called Clark's on Lomas in Albuquerque. I ride what kind of motorized bike? What am I wearing? Astral projection is not proven real. neither are angles and devils and an afterlife. Modern science has never proven astral projection real. I have done this challenge before to all who make these claims.

RiverJordan responds:

Watch the spirit science called dimensions, I explain the dimensional levels in a way that will make sense to you. Furthermore, astral projection IS real, and anyone who has experienced it will tell you 100% that it was real, and not imagination. If you experienced it, you would say the same thing.