Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"


this is amazing and can you make a vid on tips of how to have a Lucid dream?
That would be prity cool. And im gessing that your good at it too!!

three things off the top of my head!

1. that cord thing reminds me of BLEACH (anime show)
2. the megaman thing would be pretty awesome!
3. ENGINEER!!! lol :D

Way cool

Next time you have one, you should think about aliens and tell us what you see! :D

do you mean visons

ive had them its true thanks for laying it out ive woudered what it was


I have just thought of something.

If our souls can leave our body and sense the world without our physical nervous systems and sensory organs, why do we even need them? Our spirits are perfectly capable of sensing the world without our physical body.

So pretty much, the blind and deaf are WEAK, for not being able to use their spirits to sense the world. We obviously have no need for our eyes, or ears. Why did we ever evolve to have eyes or ears? It's like plugging in a second keyboard onto your computer. What's the use?

We can also probably use our spirits to see in four colors like birds could themselves, instead of the three that we see (red, blue, and green). Colorblind people are also weak, since they're stuck with their physical eyes that cannot see certain colors.

The implications of the information you presented is amazing.