Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

Awesome stuff

I love the spirit science series, keep up the great work. I've been trying to astral project for a while, but I keep hitting a wall when the whole vibration/electrifying thing happens. It's like torture. For lucid dreams, I fairly often realize I'm in a dream, but no burst of consciousness. More like, "Well crap, this is just a dream. Oh well, back to what I was doing". This is definitely motivation to jump back in to the game.


this makes me see an eastern medicine theory which i am not very comfortable looking into. This is fire you are playing with not something to be take lightly. The reason people become possessed is because they were looking for trouble and they found it and were not prepared for it. But aside from that i belive some truth can be found, I personaly believe in mind over matter and this is what i think he is trying to discribe. but he is giving it a different name.

sound check

missed music upon the entrance scene to the lesson. i'm pretty sure all music was missing :P other wise HOLYSHIT you research alot of stuff for these. im impressed.

this is so true

especially since a long time i died in my dream and my pyshical body died but i saw an angel and she helped me out and brought my physical body back to life so i had a shell to return to.


I enjoy every monday because of these