Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"


all ppl sayin its BS they probably never gonna achieve that, but i can say indeed its a great experience, im training harder to do it more often.

Struggling to comprehend

I believe what you are saying but help me I am western I need answers to detail questions. I know at least part of what you say is true because I have talked to my cat before by accident. As a christian It is hard to understand a world without a supreme being is there one? SO many religions have one who creates the universe or does something important help me to understand.(I will not except an anthropoloical answer from you ex: It is a product of societies needs)

Great Lesson, Beautiful Ending.

I've been watching your lessons and have shown them to other people who also find them fascinating. I've been trying to study spiritual workings for a while and am still skeptical of many things in the sense of how they are presented (ex. I believe that "magick" or rituals work only on a psychosomatic basis) but with the way you present the information, I am beginning to se connections to different things people have said, albeit in different forms. Seeing the same idea with different interpretations that all share some commonalities makes it for me much more credible.

In regards to the lessons, I think you'd pull in a lot more people if you pulled back on outright statements (such as angels are real) unless you're going to do a lesson on them later. I'm not saying its a bad things to do, you'll just pull in more people who are either skeptical or on the fence if you provide more backing.

Other than that, thank you so much for these lessons. You are doing a lot of good for people who have always wanted to really learn about the world around them (or in them ; ) ).

nice work.. i love this series

but is it bad or good that i have been having lucid dreams since i was around 4..but i dont remember every bit of the dream, only certian parts. but i do remember that i was able to control it no matter what..
i still am able to control it no matter what, i just dont sleep much xD to much to do

Good, long but yet idk... Not as good as before.

Like, I still call BS. I don't know if I'm just bias or what it might be. But this sounds a bit far fetched. Stick to logical and sensible lessons please.

RiverJordan responds:

It's a very real phenomenon, I promise you :)