Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"


Yes. Flying is AWESOMENESS!!!!! Though I haven't really achieved astral projection, nor am I very good at lucid dreaming, I do remember flying around in several dreams. It's safe to say that the pure joy and freedom that it entails cannot be expressed in words. At least, I can't find the words for it. Even 'euphoria' doesn't do it justice for me.

Also, I'd like to say thanks for this one. Astral projection is something I've been trying to get for a couple of weeks now, and I think this will really help.

this... i-i-s......

..I had a dream once... I realized it WAS a dream...
..but when I did... I only made things worse... I wanted to wake up...
.. (WHICH ONLY MADE THE DREAM LONGER..) I kept waking up.. in the dream..
Ima try doing that again :) (..without the whole wanting to wake then waking up over and over..)
THIS IS GREAT STUFF!!!...who ever gives these bad reviews are bunch of losers who have no dreams!!!... ( and also maybe no social life..)

somebody has been working hard.

The only problem i had seen in your show was the opening. It lasted the time it takes to blink my eye were as before it was nice and slow. But before it sounds like im making a big deal out of a small problem I did see you had more sources then ever, an information dump that would make Steaven Hawking scream with joy, and a animation so simple yet so keenly done.it conected some of the older shows (thats right im calling it a show) togather and adds more strands to be conected by others.

Any way it was nice to finnaly figure out dreams. Well keep the work up and make sure that frown curved upward.

P.S. Did you mean to explane "Fireflies" or was it just a coincidence?

RiverJordan responds:

The intro has been fixed, it did that because it was exported as a graphic and not a movie clip (flash terms..), but yea, thanks for the review!

Thank yoouu

One request though? I pause and play button. These lessons aren't very short (as least for a flash) and a pause and play button would be very useful. Especially since I tend to get people coming in and having to talk to me about thing, I have to mute the lesson, and then I have to restart the entire lesson over again if I want to catch what I missed.

RiverJordan responds:

As I put on the preloader, if you need a pause button watch it on YouTube :)

Godamnit bro...

"Yes angels are real" Stop this shit. This is an opinion for now.

Some of this stuff is good, giving ALTERNATIVES, rather than demanding you must believe one part of something and other parts of other things. NOBODY likes that shit.

Beyond that it's a logical FALLACY. Would I want to listen to someone who is not thinking, rationalizing, or speaking correctly? One person claiming that something is true does not make it so. Even if they are a scientist. You need a larger body than that. Otherwise it is, once again a logical fallacy.

Clam the fuck down, you need to find alternate ways to gently coerce others into your thinking plan. Show them all the evidence without making a conviction bro.
I've been doing this longer than you, with friends, strangers, and family, Improving their lives if THEY wish to. It is the way of moving sheep, a gentle coercion into where they ultimately would enjoy to go.

Remember as well... This is newgrounds, where 12-16 year old kids look for cock-jokes and bad mario parodies, don't take it seriously. Find a new avenue of approach. And remember.

STOP. MAKING. JUDGMENTS. FOR. OTHERS. Give them INFORMATION, and let the end result happen naturally.

All the best,

RiverJordan responds:

Yep, this series is also known as 'the spirit science theory', no worries yo.