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My experience:

I have to be honest, I really enjoyed this lesson. Unfortunately, I must disagree with two things: 1. Lucid dreaming and astral projection ARE two entirely different things. 2. Not EVERYONE has that 'silver cord'. I personally have had a handful of OBEs, and have never seen this cord. Not only have I not seen the cord, but appear to not have a definate spiritual body.
The way you said the world looks when projecting, for me personally, can be seen anytime I want. I must point out, though, that several of my friends can see aura and well.....let's just leave at them saying I'm different.

Invalid arguments, conjecture but good animation.

Astral projection is merely an interpretation of lucid dreaming. That's not to say that it couldn't possibly be true but you are assuming it to be so and with something as scientifically mysterious as lucid dreaming you could be right. However, your argument is logically invalid. It's called Affirming the Alternative. It is quite possible for the premises (LD) to lead to the conclusion (AP) but it does not necessarily have to. LD could be something entirely different than AP and AP could be something completely different from LD. Therefore, LD does not have to be AP and your argument fails to stand up to scrutiny. Lucid dreaming has certainly been scientifically proven but that does not mean it is Astral Projection in any logical way. OBE's are in the exact same position. It is simply how you personally choose to interpret a mystery scientific phenomenon therefore making it your opinion and conjecture only.

I can tell you angles are on the same level as unicorns when it comes to existence and we don't even know what consciousness is for certain. It might be spirit or it might be a function of the brain or even reducible to mere brain states. (Dualism, Functionalism, Identity Theory) That's what Philosophy of Mind is debating about and has been for centuries. If you haven't started already start studying it. It'd prove interesting and worthwhile for you I'm sure.

By the way, I've told you this already but I am an experienced lucid dreamer. I've been doing it for years and I have to tell you my experiences are not the same as yours. My lucid dreaming states are merely my typical dreams but I have control over them. I get the sensation of going out of my body and floating but I do not visit anything that comes close to what you speak of. I won't get into my many experiences though. If you want to hear about them PM me.
Your music and animation was great however so good work on that. That is why I have upped your score from the one given in past reviews. Very well timed and excellent appeal to emotion.

Lucid dreams are a mysterious thing. There is no falsifiable evidence however that states they must be astral projection though. That is merely conjecture but who knows, it may one day be an actual theory. I am open to many possibilities when it comes to the mind but those possibilities need to be testable otherwise we're just pontificating our own personal opinion; which I have no problem with except that you call it science and insist that your conjecture need be taken as valid theories. This is the largest error of your series.

RiverJordan responds:

From my experience and research, Astral projection, lucid dreaming, near death experiences, are all forms of out of body experiences. They are all out of body, they are just different forms, and into different frequencies.

ugg that could have been better

You managed to bore me on one of my favorite subjects... Needs more evidence and arguments instead of simply stating everything as fact. Your vague citations don't help either. Please more logic so I don't fall asleep waiting for something new to think about. Also I think you wave around dimensions and many other long debated concepts far too lightly. These concepts all need more flashes supporting them. I suppose you'll be getting to that someday...

My experience:
I'm a natural lucid dreamer and my experience tells me your connection of it to astral projection is not quite right. People think there is a connection is because those who have few lucid dreams confuse their novel overwhelming experience for something more than it is. The hippocampus and a few other parts of the brain deal with your body map and world map. When those areas enter a certain state you will get the feeling that you have left your body and your brain has the mechanisms to facilitate generating a world to match your believed actions... I've even experienced OBE but in my experiences there was never a chord attaching me to my body and the information I got from traveling away from your my body was mostly inaccurate and the parts that were accurate I could have guessed without the experience. OBE and lucid dreaming in my experience have always been very separate.

I do want to applaud you for noting that lucid dreamers perceive the future past and present at the same time- that is totally the state of an experienced lucid dreamers mind when they are lucid dreaming. But unfortunately it has never proven useful to me outside of my dream. I will admit that I have acted based on it before and doing so felt fulfilling, yet the info is still mostly inaccurate.

For the record, I rarely agree with what your saying but I like to think so I have watched them all so far and will continue to watch these.

RiverJordan responds:

The reason you don't see a cord while lucid dreaming is because your in a frequency where you are already creating your reality. If you go from a waking state to out of body state, astral projection, you will see that cord. You basically make it invisible, or not a part of your reality, when your in a lucid dream, because it's not there in the dream itself.