Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

w3rds can only say so much!

Thank you. Much love and vibration to you young travelor. May the answers you seek see you as you see them. I know that cabin will be what you know it is ment for you.

Onward we expand and onward we love.


I awfully like this one too

But i find myself hard to believe that some of this is real. I usually think the only people who would beleive this are people who have had a mentle illness before. Its just....unrelestic. Im sorry to talk negative about this but i just have hard time believing astral projection mainly because of religious and scientific reasons. I will continue watching this series though because of some of the amazing topics you gave out.

Who knows, maybe if im bored enough, i may try :D


A thank you.

Years back, I was into all this, the only problem, it was a cult. It didn't go into detail to far and mainly used Reptillian Aliens as a scapegoat to everything. They were the reason of all suffering and etc... I slowly broke away from that thinking and have had a hard time going back into this subject again. You, however, have actually have pieced together things without using false evidence and have kept a pace I am able to follow. Sure, I'll admit it, you do seem a bit forceful on the subject at times and use the either or debate. But it matters more on how individuals see everything.

I tried to lucid dream and AP before, but it was only successful once (A lucid dream experience). But I was in the mindset that my body was a prison created by evil aliens.
I'm rambling now. What I truly meant to say was to thank you for taking the time to do this as this series has allowed me to connect to myself again.


You impress me yet again my man! I loved this one and its the best one in the series!

I think thats awesome how you can leave the body and I really wanna try it! Im gonna start reading up on the books on astral projection right now! But I just got some questions...

So you mean to tell me when you astral project you remember everything? Cause I think I might of done it before but I barley remember anything at all.

Also when I dream and I have a super power (ex flying) I dont know if it was a dream or astral project but when I flew I would fly for like 20 seconds but I would fall and hit the ground..And I tryed so hard to fly again for like 3 hours or so but It never happened! It was one of the most frustrating things ive ever experienced...So what would that mean exactly?

But I'll start reading up on this and thank you for this info. Its very cool.

P.S I love your animation by the way the whole time I was smiling through it and I loved it. It made me happy and so exited to try this on my own.

One of the best in the series!

I don't mind the length of the presentation as long as there is lots of info covered. :)

The animation style and flow seem just right and even the music selection is very well done. Hopefully at some point you may consider putting all the lessons tegether on a DVD or 2. ;)

I have noticed that when I have projected that my perception of the passage of time can be very different from normal time. Sometimes I thought only a few minutes had passed, but had really been several hours and more often are the times where I feel like I am away for a very long time (a couple times felt like many years) and only a few minutes or hours had passed in real tme.

My flying often seems to start as a slow run with long steps that eventually miss the ground completely and then I drift upward.

* If someone can devise a method of recording a person's experience that can be played back for others to view (while awake), they would be very rich very fast! ;)