Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

Thanks for adding more animation to it

It's nice not to see the same images over and over again. My criticism this time is your statement that Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection are the same thing. Dreaming is the result of your unconscious brain sending electrical signals to other parts of your brain causing you to perceive images, sensations, and emotions. Lucid Dreaming is being slightly more conscious and consciously making decisions. Like if you were to move your arm, it just happens because you consciously decide for it to happen. Lucid Dreaming can be measured in brainwaves and you can tell the difference in brainwave activity between someone who is aware of dreaming and someone who isn't. But my point is that it happens entirely in the body.

Astral Projection occurs outside of it and, as of yet, we have no solid means of measuring it in a physical sense. Not to say Lucid Dreaming has no connection to Astral Projection, maybe it's a step towards it even, just saying they're different things. I've been able to have Lucid Dreams since I was seven and my uncle told me I could get rid of my nightmares saying "Hahaha, this is just a dream." It worked and I haven't had a nightmare since. I've also ended up accidentally going into dreams of people who are sleeping in close proximity, which is why my family refuses to sleep near me and I'm not dismissing the relationship between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming.

If you have any books or sources on why I've ended up in others dreams or how to keep from Lucid Dreaming, seriously, how do I turn it off, could you send them my way? I can't stop doing it, I either end up just walking around a distorted version of familiar areas to me or end up participating in someone else's dream, people don't seem to like it when that happens.

I've had one out of body experience and I must say it was a lot different then Lucid Dreaming. I didn't have that sleepy feeling when dreaming and I felt so much more energetic. I was running at a matted wall with one of my little brothers when I was nine, we were bored, and my body seemed to go faster then myself. It hit the wall and collapsed then I watched myself smash back into my body in super slow motion. I felt great during it but it didn't last long enough for me to truly experience it's full potential. I would usually just dismiss this as nothing but my little brother saw the wall react to two collisions. So I don't disagree with Astral Projection but I don't understand enough about it to think that's it's an absolute fact.

hey thanks

ive been suicidal for quite a while now, watching these videos inspired me and they may have saved my life


I watched it it was awesome i wanna do that thingy im gonna go to the websites you said right now!

Well Shit

I lucid'd

Well shit.

I've tried the relaxation bit before, but after becoming heavy nothing happened. I was told by another website to do that. Ah god, my subconscious is not working for me. I'm it's metaphorical bitch at the moment.

Alright you SERIOUSLY need to give your videos the ability to pause. Right clicking and unchecking play only stops the video with most of these. Please fix that.

OK. Now that I've seen the whole thing I can write much more.

That music transition was AWFUL. It could not be stopped either. That happened at the very end, but I feel it important to bring up now.

I like how you portray the 4th dimension. Most people think of it as time. That is bull. My dreams really do feel like hell sometimes.

I don't really believe in any religious stuff. ("hardcore" atheist 0uO DERP)
However, some old knowledge I do acknowledge, and think is interesting.

I totally do NOT believe in reincarnation because of the memory issue. Remember when you were a baby? Neither do I! Reincarnation implies your WHOLE LIFE is like that. If you have absolutely no memory of something, it's like it never happened.

I've noticed the symbol on your podium has changed. I kept looking at it without registering it! What is that?

Apparently you can listen to some weirdass soundtrack to lucid dream. My older brother showed it to me, forgot to give it to me, AND NOW he's in Australia so I can't get it from him. He probably lost it anyway.

"DAMN GUIDES." That made me laugh for the first time in the whole video.

I think what "Fear of Death" really means is that they are scared of being plunged into 'nothingness' which is pretty much sensory deprivation. A legitimate form of torture. Gasp.

I honestly don't believe you can prove some of these things.

RiverJordan responds:

For the record there's a warning on the preloader that says watch on YouTube if you need a pause button.

The symbol is a geometric lens of a level of consciousness

The soundtrack your looking for are binaural beats.

And I may not be able to prove it, but you are. Because ultimately your the only person it matters to you.