Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

this is realy nice

but i want to know i am realy religous and i want to now where in the bible does it say about Astral Projection

Astral Belief?

I liked this one the most out of all these lessons so far, theres nothing new for me here, but it's a fair, honest, and common view of the topic. (Common for people who do Astral projection.) However I think far too few do people realize how much this drains a person's energy, even the soul needs rest. Not nearly as much as the body does, but even so. It's not something someone should try to do every-time they sleep.

Moving on, I find your description of the spiritual plains interesting. I've been out of my body plenty of times, but never have I traveled the earth, or been to any place you talked about here. I know most people have those experiences when they leave their bodys, but I don't. So I can't really talk about or comment on those places. Wish I could really.

Back to the point of this review. You did a good job on this one. 10 out of 10 this time.

Interesting stuff

Well I still remain sceptical to some of the things you said. Also I myself have to differ a bit more between lucid dreams and OBE, I simply suppose that up of an specific skill level the two might become the same, but before that they aren't.
But actually it was just yesterday that I had my very first pseudo-OBE, even if it was just a few minutes and completely inside an dream (that Nebula I saw was likely not real or dozens of parsec away, also I did see myself sleeping in an totally different place than reality, ne intense details either nor being lucid). Inside that dream I just used the OBE as if it was totally normal though.
And for over an week now I have been actively training to become lucid dreams, well partialy for flight but even more so to have an appropriate Interface where I can design things with my full mental capacities. Well and to unlock them, which supposingly no one ever managed up to the 100%, probably not even up to 50%.
Since one of the ways to promote lucid dreams (and a lot of other stuff) is hypnosis I suppose I'll try to integrate this into my selfhypnosis.

Also I'm really glad to see you stay true to this project, keep up the good work.



so basically....

lower=nightmares=hell middle=dreams and higher=heaven so in other words we choose what we do after we die hmmm i was curious about death and afterlife never wanted to practice it for obvious reasons but if thats the case what are ghosts and "deamons" are they stuck on our dimension or are they still bound by their physical body? other than that i liked the video it was very well put keep it up