Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

I had similar experiences

1st I was sleeping than the world just went upside down and my soul fell into the ceiling but my body stayed in bed and whatever I did I couldn't get back
2ndly (I keep seeing this alot) I'm walking in a muddy field towards 10 german machine guns and holding a Lee Enfield in my hand until it all goes dark.
And lastly this was my first dream I ever dreamed I was talking to this superme being (God?) and asked him if I could go back to earth and he just said yes and it all ends. And all those 3 dreams were so vivid as if I was living trough it in real life.


hey, i clicked on this video just to see what it was and after i was like "no way that should be third!! it should be first!!" class video cant wait to go to sleep and try this
out. great vid keep on with the series i really want to learn more!


i have had mutiple astral projections but i never see a cord and when i go back to my body i kind of trip in to it

This is going to be a little hard to explain but..

First, let me start by saying I almost never remember any of my dreams. All I remember is going to bed and waking up the next morning. That aside, the main reason I wrote this review is that as the special surprise was playing my mind started to go all fizzy. As it started to clear up, I suddenly got the idea that I want to save all those souls in their self made hells, every time I try to use some logic to make reason of it my head hurts, and I'm not the kind of guy who goes out of his way unless it is easy. So, I watched this again to find so reason and I saw the purpose thing maybe think that was it but why the problem is in the astral plain and I'm in the physical? Then, you talked about that silver chain or whatever you called it. You said it could take you right back to your body no matter what, right? So I thought is the only reason I came to this dimension is to have an escape route when trying to save the self damned souls. Please, if this makes any sense at all please try to help me understand it?

this video is fantastic

i love that it had soooo much facts about heaven and hell and what can happen when your are asleep man this video is my favorite